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So you want to know the top video categories on Millions of videos on the internet, thousands on, but you want to know the top! It’s little subjective considering that all it takes to be considered a good video is that you finish before it does. Maybe what it takes to be considered a good video in your eyes is the amount of views it has, or how much money went into it, or which porn star worked in it, or etc. Regardless of what went in to it (notice that we are ignoring this opportunity to tell a pun) we decided to analyze every aspect, feature, and trend to determine the top Tube8.Com video category. Your welcome.

First up casting couch videos.

Casting couch videos are the latest staple scenario in the porn world. What was once pool and pizza boys are now movie and calendar casting directors. The scenario is pretty straight forward. Girl walks into a room hoping to become a model or actress. What she really finds is a guy pretending to be a casting director that tells her that if she does a series of disgusting things she’ll get into whatever industry she wants. The videos last from 12 minutes to an hour and they always seem to do very well in terms of ratings and views. Many studios use the scenario as a cash cow making video after video under the same pretense; many with the same guy. And if you are wondering if it is in fact real, then the answer is no. These videos regularly feature pornstars and actual film crews regardless of where you watch them.

Secondly lesbian videos.

This one is really self-explanatory in what it is, but if you can’t figure it out, it is two women having sex. Even with the long history of lesbian videos that have been made the porn industry has yet to stop inventing scenarios for two or more women to have sex in. MILF, teen, interracial, every porn genre has been used in lesbian porn.

he third category is MILF videos.

The Mother I would Like to Fuck videos always do well in both as amateur and professional categories. As Freudian as that might seem no one seems to have a problem with the idea and because of that the videos continually prosper. The concept even reaches so far to the subgenres of GILF and DILF.

The fourth video category are amateur videos.

Amateur videos are those made in intimate moments that are later shared online for viewing pleasure. The demand for these videos has becomes so high that verifying them actually means something to the sites that eventually post them. As the production quality drops in amateur videos the ratings seem to increase. It is a strange relationship in film making, but it just goes how far people are willing to go to see a real show of sex.

The fifth and final category is teen videos.

Teen videos share people from the ages of 18- 19 having sex. While the age is really about the earliest a person can participate in pornography, it usually just translates into how hot and young the stars are; most of which aren’t probably 18 or 19 to begin with.