Finding Hookups

Meeting Girls Online Vs. At The Bar

Which Is Better?

So you want to meet a girl. Who doesn’t? Depending on the type of person you are doing this will either be a really hard thing to do or a simple hurdle. It all depends on why and where you’re doing it.

If you’re doing it at a bar trying to get a girl to sleep with you, things might be difficult. If you’re doing it online for the same reasons things might be less difficult. It all really depends on you and how you interpret the following information.


The overgeneralized idea of meeting a girl at a bar is something both guys and girls fall for. We see it all the time in movies, shows, you name it. But in the real world meeting girls at bars is actually a lot harder to do than one might think. Mainly because there is a lot more going on in a bar than we care to remember.

For starters, when people go to bars they hardly ever go alone. When you see girls at the bar they are usually with a friend or two. This makes talking to them really difficult to do. Especially if any of their friends happen to be guys.

Another common misconception of talking to strangers at bars is the fact that you can talk at all. A bar isn’t just a place to get drinks; it can be a place where you go out to eat, hear local acts, or even dance. Talking to women while this is going on isn’t just difficult, it’s also disruptive and annoying for women. Can you imagine going out with your friends, trying to have a good time, when suddenly a complete stranger interrupts your plans just to introduce themselves?

It wouldn’t be a great way to meet someone. However, it would be an interesting way to meet someone if it occurred in an organic happenstance. If you were being your genuine self without any ulterior motives around people doing the same. And then from there you met a charming girl who seemed to create a decent amount of chemistry with which you used to create a new relationship.

That would be a great way to meet someone. Which is something that happens in bars every day. When you’re trying to force something in the real world, like a bar, things become awkward and difficult, but when you act like yourself around people doing the same good things happen. Things like starting a relationship, get laid, creating a friend, or any other benefit from human interaction.

Just Get Out There!

That’s what’s great about going out and talking with in the real world (IRL), you find get more out of life. Although, to be perfectly honest, if the real world you’re living in isn’t as great as you’d like it to be you could spring for a dating service online. A service that helps you to compensate for whatever miseries life has thrown your way.

Meeting a girl online is great way to go if you’re a shy person, someone that needs a smidge more help than they themselves can provide on the spot, and, if you’re not interested in a human connection at all, sex.

The disconnect of the internet helps a lot of people get to the point of what they want without having to worry about themselves. So if you know you want to meet a girl and you want to meet one badly, then try the internet. However, if your content with your lot in life and want to give it an opportunity to get better try going to a bar, being yourself, and meeting a girl.