Can Casual Encounters Work?

Is Craigslist The Place To Find Sex Tonight?

Is It Worth A Shot?

Craigslist Casual Encounters are in fact real. Casual encounters on Craigslist have been around for so long they predate most actual hook up apps. The posts on the website can be a bit odd and or to the point, but that doesn't make them fake.

What To Know Before Getting Started

Before you go on Craigslist and check their casual encounters page, they'll make sure you're 18. The actually only really do this by making you see a webpage about how only 18 year olds are allowed to use casual encounters and that safe sex prevents HIV. Which is a fair warning considering the fact that quiet literally anyone can go on to Craigslist and post something.

Like all Craigslist posts the ones found on the casual encounter page are organized by date and time. There are often times a location associated with the post, but this is always a ball park figure determined around a city, county, or zip code.

What Should I Expect To See?

The kinds of post you'll see on the casual encounters page will generally be for quickies with a quirk, eccentricity, or fetish involved. Many have what they are looking for in the title of the post. Unlike actual dating apps or sites these fetishes or wants aren't categorized in anyway. This means you will have to search through the page to find what you like.

Many of the people that post on the casual encounters page are looking for a specific person or persons to have sex with. They will often ask for an age, gender, body type, and other defining traits. The number one way that you will corroborate what you look like is by sending a picture of yourself to the person that has posted the add to begin with. If they like what they see they will then email you information for a meeting.

Remember that since it's Craigslist everyone can see what you see what you see. Meaning that time is of the essence if you want to meet the person that made the post you are responding to.

When meeting someone on the internet, especially Craigslist, it's very important that you practice caution. Only meet in places that you are familiar with and make sure that people know where and when you are going. The dangers of online dating is that psychos, lunatics, and rapists know where to find people willing to put themselves in a vulnerable position. More than a few people have died meeting a Craigslist killer while trying to meet new people.

Another note on safety is that you should always use a condom when interacting on casual encounters, even if the add specifically posts against it. Staying safe with sexual encounters is something all healthy adults should do. And you won't be getting any sympathy from getting an STD if people know you got it after meeting someone on Craigslist.

Now that you know that casual encounters on Craigslist are real, you can use the site to your hearts content. But again be wary of the people you meet. Make sure you play it safe by telling people where you are going if you ever respond to a post and use a condom with every sexual encounter.