What Would Make Adult Dating Sites Better?

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The problem with most adult dating sites is that they require an immediate amount of emotional succinctness, or in other words: they make you dumb yourself down. I don't want to sound overzealous, or weird, or even emotional (God forbid), but often times when I'm on these sites or apps I feel like I have to be already erect just to do anything. I can't have a conversation, I can't be turned on by weird human quirks, and I can't be certain that the person I'm meeting isn't a complete creep.

Sometimes it makes me feel like a weirdo when I don't want to have sex, but maybe connect with another human being. The assertion that there is more to me then my genitals on a dating site is completely unfounded however. Often times if you aren't immediately turned on by a five word, poorly constructed line you're the weirdo; which is the problem I'm talking about.

I don't expect people to fall in love and then have sex, or even become very close to have sex, but I'd like to think that maybe there is something in between. A place where guys and girls can enjoy the chase without being insanely aggressive or overtly sensitive. That maybe there is a place where different kinds of people can talk and be turned on by conversations.

Some dating sites have chatrooms and other sites require a large amount of work so you can have meaningful conversations, but none anything close to the attempted chance you take when talking to someone at a bar, coffee shop, or other sociable setting. Where you become initially attracted to someone by their looks and then even more so by the things they say to you.

I enjoy the small game of cat and mouse, where I'm scared of saying something wrong or dumb. And she's interested in the few things I'm getting right. I can't find that online. Instead all I can find is a quick swipe and a series of words dominated with emoji's. Which by the way, is an unrealistic way of hitting on someone.

Dating sites and apps would do well if they made some sort of feature that would allow you to say something interesting to people who are looking to be intrigued, rather than laid. It would only need to be a single feature in an attempt to balance the problem area of most dating sites and apps: lack of worthwhile communication.

We have a giant and remarkably versatile system in the internet when it comes to communication. Why should we let that go to waste when it comes to dating sites' By creating a feature that lets you talk or flirt for prolonged periods of time, more people could make connections that mattered and interactions could become much more interesting. I mean if an app like Twitter can force you to say less than 140 characters than an app like Tinder should help force a conversation longer than an emoji of an eggplant.