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Are Most Adult Dating Sites Legit

There are many adult dating sites like and to name a couple. Choosing one that will cater for your needs may prove to be a little tricky. You have to differentiate between adult sites that are just not popular and those that are scams. The ones that lack popularity tend not to have many active members and your chances of getting your ideal partner may be limited on such sites. Then there are the scammy dating sites that seem to have only been created to milk as much money from you as possible without providing any satisfying results. There are also sites that are 100% not scams but have many scammers in them. Let us look at some types of adult scams you need to watch out for:

EDIT: I've decided to share my personal experience below. In my original article I didn't feel comfortable but after some friends read this, they pushed me to share my story. (below)

Credit Card details on “100% free” website

This is when I knew HiSlut was a scam. They claimed to be free. There are many websites that promise you that they will not charge you anything on their site but when you try to sign up they ask for your credit card details. Why would they want your credit card details if they are 100% free? If you give them those details, they will start deducting money from your account without your permission. Never give your credit card or bank account details to a dating website that says it is free. Try and research online before you join free adult dating sites. There are several websites and forums where people review various adult dating sites.

Sites that only have Fake Profiles

Fake profiles can be found on all adult dating sites whether they are free or paid sites. (You’ll see plenty on Hi Slut)So, if you encounter a fake profile, it does not necessarily mean that the whole website is a scam. There are some websites that have only fake profiles and they are scams because of that. These websites promise you a lot of things and tell you that all you need to do, is pay a monthly fee of some kind. When you do that, you immediately get tons of emails from very good looking, half-naked women but when you answer those emails nothing happens. Or the hot woman or man tells you that they really want to meet you but they are out of town or on a business trip. After several months, you start realizing that none of the hot girls or men was real.

If you are worried about getting scammed on a legit website, you need to know how to spot a scammer. Most scammers:

Are too good to be true: If your potential hookup seems to like everything you like then there is a possibility he or she is a scammer. You should also be wary of people who send you nude pictures without you asking for them. Also take notice of people who quickly send you such pictures the moment you ask for them. Some even change their profiles completely to mirror yours just to make you think that they are the right match.

They ask for money: If your potential date or hookup asks for money, he or she may be a scammer. They may send you several emails explaining that they are stranded somewhere and need money to book a plane ticket or that their mother is sick and they need the money. There should not be any exchange of currency on a dating site between you and another user and if you send money, do not expect it back.

They won’t video chat or carry a conversation on the phone: One of the best ways to know you are dealing with a scammer is when they refuse to video chat. Do not accept his or her excuses just because they look cute and humble on their profile photos. Those may not even be their photos in the first place. Run to the hills if they sound vague and sketchy on the phone.

Safety is really important and that is why you should not be quick to share you details with a site you do not trust or a profile that looks suspicious-trust your gut. Ask friends who use adult dating for recommendations and do not let fear of getting scammed keep you from having fun.

Unfortunately Hi Slut hits almost every one of these red flags and should probably be avoided. If you’re just looking to say “hi” to a slut, then try adult friend finder or something.

My Hi Slut Story:

So, when I was originally asked to write about, I decided to do a bunch of research on the site. I received hundreds of responses of people who had used it, and seen some anecdotal evidence from friends. I spent all of this time around the site but not actually in it, until I signed up myself.

After the first few fake emails, I got an email from a woman that said she was just a few miles from me and then started mentioning some of the local attractions. I was skeptical they were getting better with their bots, but I wasn't skeptical enough not to try. I figured, that would at least be one more thing to write about.

It turns out she was real and actually just looking for a hookup at the time. She had never been on a site like it before, but her wilder side drew her to the site. After a wild first week of crazy sex, we actually started dating and are engaged. There you have it, it can work. I still think most guys are better off with a major adult dating site instead, though. I probably got lucky.